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Uniwits Net provides authors an innovative convenient platform to publish their literatures, and readers a convenient platform to buy literatures and interact with authors.

When you have an interesting idea, and start summarizing your knowledge and experience into a book, you are probably thinking of its publication. On Uniwits Net, you can very easily publish your book with very low cost in various easy ways. The following illustration demonstrates how author gets paid by selling literatures on Uniwits Net.

Basically, you, as an author, write a literature and publish it on Uniwits Net. Uniwits Net lists your literature in front of Internet users. Users buy your literature on Uniwits Net. Selling incomes will be collected in your account and be paid into your bank account on demand.

Ways of publication

You publish your books very much like when you write blogs. People can read your books without installing special software or purchasing any special hardware.

If you want to publish a short text, say 1000 or 2000 words. You can write a post and set a price on it. So that whenever a user wants to read its contents, he/she will buy your post first and then read your post.

If you want to publish a long book comprising several chapters, say a book on English grammar, you can write book directly on Uniwits Net and set a price on it. So that whenever a user wants to read its contents, he/she will buy your book first and then read your post. On Uniwits Net, a book comprises a list chapters. Each chapter is basically something like an ordinary post. A table of contents will be generated automatically for your book. You can set some chapter to be read for free so that potential buyers can preview your book and decide to buy. Very interestingly, you can start selling your book before it is completed. By listening to your readers, you can improve your book.

If you already have a completed book as a file, say PDF, you can publish it as attachment of a charged post. Simply write a post that introduces your literature, upload the book file as an attachment of the post, and set a price on the post.

Royalties and Fees of Publication

Royalties mean the corresponding monetary revenue that you receive when people buy your articles.

On Uniwits Net, no publication fee will be charged. (But you have to pay for your internet connection, etc.) However, you will receive a plentiful of royalties on your publications. it is as high as 90% of your article's price! Very high! Compared to traditional publishers, it is about 2.0 to 9.0 times high.

Only when each time your article is bought, a small fee, usually 10 percent of price of your article is charged. That's it! Much less then other publication services!

(If you add some options to your article, it may take some additional fees.)

Receive Money

All transaction on Uniwits Net are settled in points called "unilar"s. When your literature is bought buy a user, the corresponding revenue will be deposited into your account as an amount of unilars. After some time, you think it is time to request a pay-out, then you issue a pay-out request through the billing system associated with Uniwits Net. Later the requested amount will be transferred into your bank account.