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Flow of Earning From Your Posts
Write Interesting Posts

Good ideas appear in work, in daily life, in house work, in study, and so on. For each idea, if considered more, and had a try, it may be summarized into a splendid text. For example, original recipes, how to repair goods, how to save money, songs, poems, essays, troubleshooting methods, etc. When other people encounter a similar situation, your idea may be very helpful. It is generous to provide your ideas for free. But if take a suitable fee, authors will be more active, provide more good ideas, and help more people. Maybe not very obvious, but your ideas can make the world better. In change to charge your reader, please make your contents more well-organized, and understandable by most readers.

Sell Posts

When you finish a text, please sell it. The way is easy. Just post the text on a page on Uniwits NET (this website), and set the prices. Here needs a bit attention. If a post charge fees, its contents will not be readable by other users until they buy it. To convey value of your text, please write an abstract, which will be open to all users. By doing so, users who wish to read your fulltext will purchase your text. Purchase of a post is settled in "unilars", which are a kind of purchase points. Unilars are deposited into your account, and can be converted into real money later.

Besides selling the post, comments can also be sold. To every comment you can charge a fee. This means that when your post is read by a user, he/she is interested and want to have a discussion, he/she have to pay to you before a comment is accepted.

Request Pay-out

After unilars are deposited into your account, you can request a pay-out. By requesting a pay-out, unilars are exchanged into local currencies (e.g., USD), after that you can choose to transfer money into a bank account, etc. To request a pay-out, click "Settings" on your homepage, then click "User Info.", and then click "Request Pay-out".

Receive Money

As a pay-out completes, money is totally in your wallet. Of course, you can use it at wish.

Just Start It.

First, if you are not a registered user, please sign up first. If your are a registered user, please log in. Whichever, just click "Login" on top of the page. If you have logged in, your nickname will be displayed in place of "Login". Click it to jump to your home page.

On your home page, there is a "Write a post" button. Click it to write a post.

Let People Read Your Post

After a post is published, it will automatically become accessible from the Internet. After several days, search engines such as Google and Yahoo will provide your post in search results. So that, without any special work, your post will be found by people.

However, other than just keep waiting, it may be better to act a bit more proactively. Several concrete examples can be considered. One is that if you maintain a blog, you can post abstract of your post to your blog. Then, when your blog readers find this post interesting and he/she may buy the full text. Or, if you find a question that your post answers on a Q/A website. Then you can post an abstract as a comment. If the questioner wants to obtain a full answer, he/she will buy your post.

Well, it makes money. How about fees?

Please be reassured! Sign-up, settings, post, etc are all for free. Only when a reader pays or you request a pay-out, our company will take a bit fees. This means that, as long as there is no money flow on your account, no fees will be charged. For detailed fee ratio, please consult post edit pages.

Need know more?

On top of the page, there is a "Support" button. Whenever you have problems, don't hesitate to click it and tell your question. To do that, click "Create Ticket", write your questions, and send your question.

An Instance

Here introduces a real instance. This instance sells textbook of Taijiquan over the Internet. Conventional books are sold in whole books one by one, but this instance separate a whole form of Taijiquan into single movements and sell each movement in a single post. By doing this, it saves thousands of dollars of publication fees, so that authors can publish texts with out being worried about costs. Click the following link to view the instance, while it is in Japanese. The Instance of Taijiquan Textbook